Do you know how to breathe?

The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath 

by Yogi Ramacharaka

This great ebook offers you a complete guide 
on the Eastern practice of breathing for your
physical and mental health as well as 
for your spiritual development. 

"For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth."
~ Sanskrit Proverb

AND... Even if you don't practice Yoga, 
learning how to breathe for health is a MUST 
if you want to live long and healthy.

You will gain control of your physical body 
and mental attitudes while attaining 
higher spiritual development. 

Table of Contents

I. Salaam

II. "Breath Is Life"

III. The Exoteric Theory of Breath

IV. The Esoteric Theory of Breath

V. The Nervous System

VI. Nostril Breathing vs. Mouth Breathing

VII. The Four Methods of Respiration

VIII. How to Acquire the Yogi Complete Breath

IX. Physiological Effect of the Complete Breath

X. A Few Bits of Yogi Lore

XI. The Seven Yogi Developing Exercises

XII. Seven Minor Yogi Exercises

XIII. Vibration and Yogi Rhythmic Breathing

XIV. Phenomena of Yogi Psychic Breathing

XV. More Phenomena of Yogi Psychic Breathing

XVI. Yogi Spiritual Breathing

Get an Idea of what you will learn in this eBook 
by Reading a Handful of Book Excerpts here...

"Life is absolutely dependent upon the act of breathing. Breath IS Life."

"The book of Genesis tells the difference between the atmospheric     air and the mysterious and potent principle contained within it. He speaks of “Neshemet Ruach Chayim”, which, translated, means “the breath of the spirit of life.

"Our bodies are as much subject to rhythmic laws as is the planet in its revolution around the sun. Much of the esoteric side of the Yogi Science of Breath is based upon this known principle of nature. By falling in with the rhythm of the body, the Yogi manages to absorb a great amount of Prana, which he disposes of to bring about results desired by him."

"Lack of sufficient oxygen means imperfect nutrition, imperfect elimination and imperfect health. Verily, 'breath is life.' Life is but a series of breaths."

In reference to the Yogi Complete Breathe... "The entire respiratory organism responds to this method of breathing, and the maximum amount of benefit is derived from the minimum expenditure of energy."

"Breathing may be considered the most important of all of the functions of the body, for, indeed, all the other functions depend upon it. Man may exist some time without eating; a shorter time without drinking; but without breathing his existence may be measured by a few minutes."

"And not only is Man dependent upon Breath for life, but he is largely dependent upon correct habits of breathing for continued vitality and freedom from disease."

"An intelligent control of our breathing power will lengthen our days upon earth by giving us increased vitality and powers of resistance, and, on the other hand, unintelligent and careless breathing will tend to shorten our days, by decreasing our vitality and laying us open to disease."

In reference to Rhytmic Breathing... "Not only can the body be controlled by the mind under direction of the will, but the mind itself can be trained and cultivated by the exercise of the controlling will."

This ebook is a gem!
... from clear explanations that make sense to exercises
to put into practice what you learn, you will
Master Breathing for Better Overall Health in no time at all!

"Inhale, and God approaches you.  Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you.  Exhale, and you approach God.  Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God."

    ~ Krishnamacharya

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"Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet..."
  ~ Alfred Tennyson

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